Legumino – Austrian rhizobia inoculant

The air consists of 78% nitrogen, which cannot be utilized by plants themself. Rhizobia, nodule-forming bacteria, are inhabitants of our farm lands and can assimilate nitrogen and provide it to plants.

This process takes place in lumps at the roots of legumes (legumes). These nodules are formed in the course of the beginning bacterial-plant symbiosis. Better nutrient supply leads to better growth and up to 20% higher yields.

Legumino is a microbiological rhizobieninokulat (vaccine for nodule bacteria). For the production, Austrian rhizobia strains are isolated from arable soils, cultivated and marketed as multi strain rhizobia inoculant. Austrian charcoal is used as an alternative to peat.

Legumino is approved for use according to BIO AUSTRIA and VO (EC) 834/2007 idgF.

Why Legumino and not another inoculant?

There are multiple rhizobian inoculants the market from which we differ in the following points:

Bacteria adapted to local soil and climate

Our bacteria are not imported from Canada or Brazil, but isolated in Austria. In this way, we ensure that these bacteria can survive and assert themselves in our soils. Over the years, a healthy rhizobia community accumulates in the soil and sustainably supplies the soil with nitrogen.

Plant charcoal instead of peat!

There is no need to drain a bog for our product! By avoiding peat, we prevent the outgassing of climate-damaging methane and carbon dioxide. Our charcoal is produced from wood and wheat pelts in Austria!

Customer oriented!

We try to help our customers! That is why we do not produce our products for crops such as soya, but also for special crops such as fenugreek, chickpea and mungbean! If rhizobia is not yet available for a culture, please send us an email and we will do our best to change that!

Dosage and application

One pack of Legumino contains 400 g of inoculate, sufficient for an area of 1 ha. There are at least 1 billion living bacteria per gram of legumino. The rhizobia seames are to be applied to the seed before seeding. For this purpose, you can use a mixing machine for larger quantities or mix the powder in a plastic tub or directly in the seed drill with your hands.

  1. Moisten the seeds with water. Optionally, you can achieve even better adhesion with our Legumino Stick adhesive.
  2. Spread the rhizobieninokulate over the seed and mix well !
  3. Allow the inoculate to dry protected from sunlight


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