PHAstics – PHA based plastic

We bring back the love of plastics!

Plastic waste is found in every part of the world! In the meantime, we have produced enough plastics to wrap our entire planet six times in plastic wrap. And this plastic waste will remain for centuries…

.. but still we all love plastics. Plastics were developed to realize the dreams of humanity and we can no longer imagine a life without them. Saphium Biotechnology brings back the love of plastic!

We develop completely natural, non-toxic and compostable bioplastics in microorganisms. These PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates) based bioplastics are waterproof, durable in sterile and dry environments and degraded in the soil after 180 days. PHAs have thermoplastic properties and can be processed using common processes such as injection molding and blow extrusion.

PHAs – natural polymer

PHAs are found in nature in 70% of terrestrial and in 30% of aquatic life forms. There they serve as energy stores, similar to fats in animals or starch in plants. In those microorganisms in which they occur in large quantities, they can be produced from sugars, oils or other high-energy compounds.

We use hydrogen and carbon dioxide as building blocks. We extract carbon dioxide from the air or from industrial exhaust streams and we produce hydrogen with electricity from renewable energy sources via electrolysis.

The production of 1 kg of plastic according to this process would remove 2 kg of carbon dioxide from the air. If we were to replace all global plastic production, 6% fewer carbon dioxide would be produced worldwide.

As plastic consumption continues to increase, more than 20% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by replacing plastic with PHAstics by 2050.


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