Press releases on Saphium Biotechnology

Here journalistic articles and videos about Saphium can be read and reviewed. Many thanks to the rapporteurs!

Saphium at “Österreich kann”

Our project PHAbulous Philaments was presented at “Österreich kann”. With us on stage were the presenter Thomas Kamenar and the Board of Experts with Heinz Fischer, Rainer Schönfelder, Katharina Klausberger and Elisabeth Oberzacher.

Zukunftspreis for Legumino+

Legumino+ wins the Vulkanland Zukunftspreis 2018 (Future Prize)! For the 14th time, the innovation prizes of the Vulkanland will be awarded in 2018 – a total of three categories will be evaluated: vitality, craft and energy as well as culinary art. We were honored in the craft sector for the Future Prize with Legumino+! We are very pleased to receive this award!

Steirische Käferbohne as idea generator

Biotechnology. A young start-up produces nodule bacteria at a Southern Styrian winery. These supply nitrogen to Käferbohnen (beetle beans), thus supporting their growth. More on this!

Many thanks to Juliane Fischer for the great article!


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