The conservation of functional biological circuits

Our goal is to bring a natural circular economy into line with economic requirements. Degradation, construction and conversion processes of organic mass are constantly taking place in nature and keeping the Earth ecosystem in balance.

Thus, the biological degradation of dead organic mass (dead plants, animal remains,..) releases nutrients, which in turn count as the basis for new life. This degradation often produces carbon dioxide, which is subsequently used by plants and algae to store solar energy in the form of carbohydrates. These cycles can be controlled by physical, chemical and biological measures, so that soil organic matter is built up in the soil or plants are fertilized.

We are working to better understand how we can guide these processes through microorganisms. Sustainability is paramount. On the one hand, ecological sustainability, but also economic sustainability!

If we do not succeed in creating ecological, sustainable processes that are economic valuable, they will not remain and the natural balance will be shifted.


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